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If your looking for unbiased, entertaining content then you’ve come to the wrong place because the real world is cut-throat so wipe that smile off your face Barbie and say goodbye to your Neopet, play time is over. Forget "morals or or "fun" this is strictly business, husky biz, where all content will take the side of the huskies and the benefit of doubt will be given said huskies. I upset myself writing this so I'm going to bang on a piano!


All credit goes to Nova, my husky, who's always keeping it real. This doesn't mean you email me speaking as if I'm a dog and referring to my "owner" - Do Not Do That. If you do I'll reply to your email in only 'woofs' and then no one wins. Clearly I'm a person but all my inspiration for HuskyBiz, or really just my desire to spam pictures of my dog across the internet, is due to her and the tingly way she makes me feel inside, which leads us here, to Content topics include all aspects of husky life including lifestyle, memes, nutrition, activities, spreadsheets and more.


Opinions on huskies may be subjective but in truth they're objective and the kind of people who dislike huskies are emotionally damaged. This foreshadows the overall theme of and this paragraph - that we're shamelessly husky bias. Now while I love a chubby corgi every now and then, this is a husky website so shade may be thrown the the way of a corgi or two, strictly due to husky business formality. As a grassroots business that specializes in business, husky biz, we're obligated to do what's in the best interest of our stakeholders, Siberian and Alaskan huskies with malamute and Klee Kai interests also considered. Part of that loyalty means never selling out to brands. All our content, especially where we rank products, are not sponsored or influenced by external forces. The only monetary investment we potentially would have is from Google Adsense and/or Amazon Affiliates, both of which would be independent of any products.


As it currently exists HuskyBiz will never ask for your personal information, including but not limited to: Social Security Number, Debit/Credit Card information, Passwords, Medical Information, or any other sensitive personal information. In its current state, HuskyBiz is free and has no need for your information or funds. If you are contacted by someone portraying themselves as a representative of HuskyBiz trying to solicit aforementioned information, it's a scam. Do not share any information about yourself and cease all communication with them. To report such cases, contact us by information provided below. We'll do our due diligence but understand these scams are unavoidable and we have no connection nor liability in regards to scams.
HuskyBiz is a propietary, secret technology. Any commercial use of our content, databases, robots, heliplanes or other technologies without the expressed written consent of HuskyBiz CEO Nova is strictly prohibited.

Use for Educational purposes is allowed and encouraged. Things like research papers and PowerPoint are all free-use without consent or credit. For further reading on commercial vs educational uses, read our fair use clause here, which doesn't exist, but with any effort that link will send you somewhere pertaining to copyright.


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Our content is wrong or misguided and you want to help us get closer to the truth? Or maybe you just want to criticize and/or compliment us, regardless contact us here. We'll be sure to nod our head like we're listening.

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If you have a husky itch to scratch and would like to contribute to with an article of your own, email us it here! Write about anything you wish dog-related and if we post it you'll be accredited as the author.

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If you feel like you have proprietary rights to content within the HuskyBiz ecosystem and it's being used improperly, contact us here.